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Mobility Saved My Pumping Journey

When new moms ask me how to successfully breast pump for an extended time, my top answer is mobility. Being tied to the wall and having time “sucked” out of me quickly started to make me feel discouraged and resentful. Pumping felt like a full-time job and I struggled thinking about what I was missing out on by being tied to the pump. The shift to mobile pumping not only was a physical shift but a mental and emotional one too.

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Exclusively Pumping: Not What I Intended, but What We Need.

Exclusively pumping was never in my plans. Those first couple nights in the hospital she wasn’t latching and she was hardly taking in any milk- it broke my heart. It broke my heart when I realized that the reason for this was that she had in undetected cleft palate that made it really hard for her mouth to make the motion necessary for successful breast-feeding. It didn’t take long before I realized that more than likely, we would never have that bonding experience I had dreamt of.

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