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As You Go Into Surgery: A Letter to my Daughter

You won’t remember this day. The day of your open heart surgery to repair your congenital heart defect (Tetralogy of Fallot.) You won’t remember the details of being wheeled off, eased into anesthesia, opened, repaired and stitched back up. You won’t remember the details or the feelings but you will carry with you the strength you’re gathering in this season. You’ll carry with you your ability to see a challenge and rise above it. You’ll carry with you the focus on the most important things in life- because you know from an early age that it’s not something to take lightly.

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Dear Heart Mom: I Know this is a Roller Coaster

CHD Awareness. Tetralogy of Fallot. Mom of CHD Blog. Looking at our family from the outside you probably wouldn’t see that we are daily picturing our child on a medical table through a massive operation. From the outside you wouldn’t see the fear of a faulty move of the doctor’s hand or a sterilization procedure not being followed and welcoming infection. Yet these are the things I see every day.

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Birthing Baby Sage (Part 2)

Birth story continued. The harder parts. Now like I said, there were two things happening simultaneously. There was this – the placenta ordeal, and then there was the flooding of medical questions and directives. I had taken medication for the first time at this point and I had just given birth and someone was elbow deep trying to pull my placenta outside of my body.

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Birthing Baby Sage (Part 1)

Birth stories. They are all unique and bring beauty in different ways. All of the midwives knew my wishes were to not be stuck laboring in the hospital for hours on end and knew I wanted things as natural as could be. She gave me the option of settling into a room or going back home to labor for a few more hours. Because I was still feeling pretty good, we decided to drive back home and planned to labor in the shower or bed at home. On the walk out, I noticed my contractions getting stronger, but continued on to the van. We got out of the parking garage and started driving home.

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How is Your Heart?

“How’s your heart" requires you to dig a little deeper and explore the condition of your heart toward yourself, towards others, and the world around you at the time. As I am anxiously awaiting to meet my daughter, my biggest question is--how is her heart?

For those of you who don’t know, at 18 weeks we learned that our little girl will have a heart defect requiring intervention and surgery.

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