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Where We Learn About Postpartum: Our Foundations

Where For many women, postpartum isn’t a thought until she’s in the depths of it- wondering what the hell she is doing wrong and why she feels so isolated. For many, postpartum is still an ambiguous term that may refer to the length of maternity leave or how long it takes the body to “bounce back.” In an age of independence and the loss of “village” living, women are missing the spaces to see pregnancy, birth and postpartum in real life.

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To the Mothers with Dreams Unseen

In the midst of all of that, I also find myself hurting for those days that didn’t come. To the mommas who dreamt about and visualized this day and it never came- my heart aches. For those who have been struck by infertility, for those who have lost both inside and outside of the womb, for those who have a hole in their heart where tragedy is so big and unfair- my heart aches.

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