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Me Beyond Mom: Postpartum Identity

“Mom” is an incredible title. It brings us new experiences, new love, new ways to see the world and life. It brings out parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed. It connects us to a bigger picture. 
Mom is a title we don’t take lightly because it is a privilege
But as women, there is more than mom.

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Resources Every Postpartum Woman Needs to Know About

Postpartum resources every mom should know about. Resources for postpartum body, postpartum mental health, mindfulness for new moms and more.

It can be a struggle to find helpful postpartum resources. The American society seems to be obsessed with how quickly things can “return to normal” and make it look like transitions and changes are minimal with the addition of a new baby and a family dynamic shift. With quick google searches you can find all the info about baby, but all too often it feels like mom is overlooked.

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Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: Stories from Moms

Postpartum Depression and Anxiety are common, but they aren’t commonly talked about. Nearly 1 in 5 women struggle with postpartum mental health. The 5 brave women open up about their experiences so that you don’t have to feel alone in yours. There are signs and there is help.

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Emotional Stages of Postpartum

In this time there are a number of factors contributing to our emotional response- each valid and each with a place in our transition. Again, these are not something to be ashamed of. They are wired in us for a reason and they can shine a light on areas we need to give attention. Tuning into these emotions, through different stages of postpartum, can help us to be mindful and intentional in our postpartum time and give us the prompts we need to take proactive steps in our own healing.

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May I Be A Mom Who Remembers

Parenting young children is much different from parenting older, this was starkly obvious to me in these moments of internal and external tension. My children, they needed me more. They needed my guidance to explore their independence. They needed my attentiveness to keep them safe, fed, and without a tummy ache from too much chocolate. They needed my conversations to be brief and often interrupted. They needed my body to be more mobile and in sync with their own. They needed me and my energy constantly. They needed my patience to be higher than what is humanly available without some serious intention.

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As You Go Into Surgery: A Letter to my Daughter

You won’t remember this day. The day of your open heart surgery to repair your congenital heart defect (Tetralogy of Fallot.) You won’t remember the details of being wheeled off, eased into anesthesia, opened, repaired and stitched back up. You won’t remember the details or the feelings but you will carry with you the strength you’re gathering in this season. You’ll carry with you your ability to see a challenge and rise above it. You’ll carry with you the focus on the most important things in life- because you know from an early age that it’s not something to take lightly.

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The Best Gift You Didn't Ask For: A Christmas Letter to My Children

The best Christmas gift I’m giving you, my children, is one you didn’t even know you wanted. While I know there are arguments ahead and mornings we will be running late due to bickering and blame in our future, I also know that there are moments in every day to savor. I already see the beautiful moments and swell with pride to see the two of you forming your bond together. I can only hope that one night when I hear rustling past bedtime, it’s the two of you with a flashlight inside a fort telling stories. I can only hope that when you’re teenagers and I hear a window crack in the wee hours, it’s the two of you sneaking in together after having an adventure you’ll remember for a lifetime. I can only hope that through all the ups and downs we are sure to have as a family, you’ll be there for one another.  

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Meaningful Holiday Traditions For Young Children

There are many ways our children begin to identify what the holiday season means. They get ideas from all around us. Many people adopt the traditions passed down from family or even traditions started as a childless couple… but how do we mark these holidays in meaningful ways for our young children? How do we establish traditions that allow us to step into a magical place together to enjoy the season as a family? How can we instill in our children a connection to the season that goes beyond gifts and days off of school?

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Birthing Baby Sage (Part 2)

Birth story continued. The harder parts. Now like I said, there were two things happening simultaneously. There was this – the placenta ordeal, and then there was the flooding of medical questions and directives. I had taken medication for the first time at this point and I had just given birth and someone was elbow deep trying to pull my placenta outside of my body.

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Birthing Baby Sage (Part 1)

Birth stories. They are all unique and bring beauty in different ways. All of the midwives knew my wishes were to not be stuck laboring in the hospital for hours on end and knew I wanted things as natural as could be. She gave me the option of settling into a room or going back home to labor for a few more hours. Because I was still feeling pretty good, we decided to drive back home and planned to labor in the shower or bed at home. On the walk out, I noticed my contractions getting stronger, but continued on to the van. We got out of the parking garage and started driving home.

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To My Daughter's Big Brother

As we prepare to transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4, I long for you to be confident in your place. I long for you to know how important of a role you play as your sister’s big brother. I desire for you to feel that our love for you is unconditional and unwavering. I long to still have our sweet moments just the two of us- to drift to sleep or to lay on the swing and look up through the trees. We will have those moments- I promise you.

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On Two years into Brand New Motherhood

As far as motherhood goes, well, I do just about as much guessing and self-doubting as I did when he was an infant… it just looks different in each season. Instead of worrying if he’s getting enough milk, I’m worrying about what he’s picking up off the ground to try to sneak into his mouth. Instead of worrying about him sleeping safely, I’m wondering how the hell to just get him to sleep without another epic battle. Instead of wondering when I’ll be able to get off the couch and not be nursing or holding him during a nap, I’m wondering how I can make him exhausted enough to settle down on the couch and cuddle with me.

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