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Tips for Communicating Postpartum to Your Partner

Need some ways to help your partner understand YOU in your postpartum?

When we talk about postpartum, people often assume it can be boiled down to postpartum sex, postpartum depression and your postpartum body. Yes, these are factors, but there are MANY MORE. Helping our partners to understand the wide array of transitions we are experiencing, AND normalizing the reality that postpartum is more than just 6-12 weeks, we can have less misunderstandings and resentment and more of a team approach to this new way of family.

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Parenting: 5 Ways to Be on the Same Team

Parenting together can be challenging, even if you’re madly in love with your partner. No one in their right mind will tell you that parenting is a breeze. It takes teamwork and understanding different parenting styles. On top of that, we know that doing this new, messy, and overwhelming journey while trying to keep clear and positive communication with a partner can be… well… challenging. There are, though, ways to be on the same team in parenting and improve communication and collaboration. Read more for 5 tips to be on the same team with your partner in parenting.

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Sex After Baby: What’s Holding Moms Back?

Sex after baby has been taboo- so when it doesn’t go well, women (and men) feel alone and like something has failed. You haven’t failed. If postpartum sex is scary or painful or just isn’t happening… you’re not alone. When surveyed, an large number of women shared that on the first attempt at having sex after giving birth, they cried. To bring some light and normalization, I recently took to the trusty Instagram to survey this hot topic. You’ll read what other moms say prohibit them from engaging in sex, how they described sex after baby, and some tips and ideas for making it happen and enjoying it again.

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Married with Young Kids

Do I hate my husband? No. Will this last forever? Probably not. Are these days and nights hard? Hell yes. Are you going to make it through? You are. We are all engaging something totally new together and we need one another to make it work but we don’t even know how to take the next step sometimes. Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Marriage while parenting is really hard.

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