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Postpartum Fitness is About More than Losing Weight

While it is ok to want to lose the baby weight eventually; resting, healing and bonding with baby should be top priorities. Your body went through tremendous changes in pregnancy with fluctuating hormones and a growing belly. In pregnancy, both estrogen and progesterone are high and will drastically decrease after delivery. Also, breastfeeding will produce a hormone called prolactin which will make your estrogen levels even lower.  All of these changes in your hormones make it difficult to lose fat. Not to mention that cortisol can run at a high level due to stress and lack of sleep which makes gaining fat more likely than losing fat. Please remember that your body is AMAZING and grew a tiny HUMAN. Not letting your body heal properly in postpartum could lead to some major setbacks in the future.

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My Postpartum Journey is Measured by More than a Scale

Postpartum weight loss gets a lot of attention. From well meaning friends and family, to doctors and nurses, to strangers who see you with a baby. My weight? It’s another number created by mostly uncontrollable factors that doesn’t define much at all about my “success.” We have to buck the system here. We have to be the voices of reminder that our postpartum story- it’s about far more important things than weight loss.

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