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My Postpartum Journey is Measured by More than a Scale

Postpartum weight loss gets a lot of attention. From well meaning friends and family, to doctors and nurses, to strangers who see you with a baby. My weight? It’s another number created by mostly uncontrollable factors that doesn’t define much at all about my “success.” We have to buck the system here. We have to be the voices of reminder that our postpartum story- it’s about far more important things than weight loss.

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On Two years into Brand New Motherhood

As far as motherhood goes, well, I do just about as much guessing and self-doubting as I did when he was an infant… it just looks different in each season. Instead of worrying if he’s getting enough milk, I’m worrying about what he’s picking up off the ground to try to sneak into his mouth. Instead of worrying about him sleeping safely, I’m wondering how the hell to just get him to sleep without another epic battle. Instead of wondering when I’ll be able to get off the couch and not be nursing or holding him during a nap, I’m wondering how I can make him exhausted enough to settle down on the couch and cuddle with me.

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