For When You're Standing Still

Depending on the circle of people we have in our lives, we are often inundated with images and quotes about growth. I personally am a huge fan and believe that we must be filling our minds with things that inspire us or we can quickly get caught in a cycle of discouragement-- politics, drama, wasted time on Facebook.


Growth is glorious. Just like the plants and animals around us, we were made to grow and flourish. We think about this in our relationships, our work, our personal journey. We are often great at goal setting and vision casting, but sometimes we struggle to keep in mind the process to get there. Forward motion, right? But what about the times it feels like we aren't moving forward? What about the days, weeks, months that we seem to be standing still?

Standing up is an accomplishment. Keeping our feet rooted, our back straight, and our head up can take courage and strength. Let us not forget that standing still- standing in our place- being present in the season is not a failure to move forward, but an opportunity to embrace and engage the growth we've experienced and prepare for that to come. How can we truly appreciate where we've come if we don't take time to soak in it? How can we expect to step forward if we don't acknowledge the current ground we are standing on?

You see, recently I was feeling down on myself- I'm not growing as quickly as I would like to in business, in personal manifestation and abundance, in various relationships. The natural temptation was to embrace defeat- to feel like I'm incapable and to adopt a defeated mindset. I was carrying this for a few days when I heard a good friend speak- part of her message included "It's okay to stand where you are." Simple words- complex message. But for me, these words were personal freedom. They were permission for me to not expect myself to be 10 paces ahead, but to firmly stand where I am and to appreciate that.

What is life if we are constantly striving but never enjoying and celebrating the fruits of growth? What is growth if we never take a moment to recognize it? What is recognition if we ourselves cannot appreciate where we've come from and what we've come through?


So today I speak freedom to you. Freedom to stand where you are without internal (or external) pressure to move forward more quickly. May this freedom give you space to celebrate what you have accomplished. May this freedom allow you to celebrate yourself. May you recognize and remember.

Sometimes this feels easier said than done, so let me give you a few action items to help you stand and stand strong.

1. Think about where you were a year, a month and a week ago. In what areas have you grown? Take time to write these out and meditate on that path of growth.

2. List as many things as you can that you appreciate about this very moment.

3. Practice standing up tall. Visualize: What is keeping you rooted (symbolized by your feet.) What is feeding your passion (symbolized by your stomach). What is in line with your dreams (symbolized by your heart.) What words are you speaking to others (symbolized by your mouth.) What thoughts are allowing you to be in a space of growth (symbolized by your mind.)

May you stand tall and proud... and when you can do so, may you take steps forward that give you life and growth.

And as we approach a season of New Years Resolutions- may we look forward in appreciation and anticipation and not in shaming ourselves to be something we aren’t currently.

And as we approach a season of New Years Resolutions- may we look forward in appreciation and anticipation and not in shaming ourselves to be something we aren’t currently.