10 (Low-Stress) Holiday Activities for the Family

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During the holiday season, we can sometimes find ourselves feeling under more pressure. With gifts to buy, parties to attend and meals to make, we can get sucked in to hustling OR we can choose to slow down and make more memories at home. One thing I’ve had to remind myself is that my kids won’t remember if things were “perfect” but they will remember the valuable time we spent together as a family, the traditions we held to, and the laughter we share.

Whether you are, like me, staying in the home more to try to avoid the germs circulating with the winter air, or you are making a personal goal to slow down and be more present, simple activities around the table can be a great way to spend time together this season.

For my personal sanity, I have created a calendar for the month of December (You can find it below) full of activities to do with my kids. For reference, my children are 2 and 1 month (okay- this is mostly about the 2 year old this year!) but these activities can span from toddler to mayyyyybe teenager.  

Again, this isn’t about hustling so these activities are simple and low-stress. Also, for our calendar we have chosen to span some activities over 2 days and we also have a couple activities we will repeat each week. I’ve included for you 10 activities as well as the supplies needed for those activities. Supplies can be purchased anywhere you would like (I found some great deals at Target this week) but for those of you trying to streamline, I also included a few Amazon links for a little more ease. You’re welcome.


Ten activities:
1. Paper link chain countdown
2. Holiday sensory bin
3. Paper snowflake decorations
4. Indoor snowball fight
5. Gingerbread house
6. Hot chocolate bar
7. Paper wreaths
8. Salt ornaments
9. Indoor snowman
10. Sugar cookies

Shopping list:
(Some links to Amazon items included by clicking)

  1. Red and green construction paper

  2. Kids fine motor tools, pom poms, dried beans (red kidney and split green peas), jingle bells

  3. Copy paper, scissors

  4. Jumbo cotton balls, copy paper

  5. Gingerbread house kit (or DIY if you’re feeling brave!)

  6. Hot chocolate (Penzeys has the best here!) , mini marshmallows, mini candy canes (or these cute candy cane spoons!)

  7. Colorful construction paper

  8. Flour, salt, water, cookie cutters, acrylic paint, paintbrush, twine/ribbon

  9. Recycled goods (milk jug, cans, creamer container, wine bottle), buttons, acrylic paint, markers

  10. Sugar cookie mix (or make our own mix!) , sprinkles, cookie cutters

    *Note for PJs and book days, we will be renting books from the library (or maybe watching movies/shows) that highlight different winter holiday traditions in other cultures.

    What would you add to the list? What is your favorite family activity during the holiday season? Are there any ideas from this list that you will try? Please share your thoughts, ideas, and pictures when you do!

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