About Chelsea

I’m so glad you’re here. I love making new friends and connections and I think the best way to do that is through authentic conversation and stories.

I am a fiesty momma bear who has a ridiculous amount of love and grace for you. I’m not afraid to tell it like it is, but I do so with compassion, laughter and often a glass dark malty beer.

As the mother of two, I’ve had two very different pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences. I’ve been fascinated by these things but the differing experiences gave me a greater perspective and a desire to come alongside women in this time to bring a voice of normalcy and support in a culture that can feel isolating and judgmental.

My love for writing formed in the seats of high school journalism where I served as the co-editor of our high school newspaper. I declared a communications journalism major in college but was drawn a different direction after a couple of non-engaging classes. In retrospect, my transition to psychology and sociology paired with my continual love for words and journalism has given me the opportunity to put emotion and experience into stories that mommas can relate to.

I’m your girl for keeping things honest, tackling the awkward topics, having some fun and getting out of the mom-shame game. Honestly, this motherhood thing is messy. Postpartum is hard. We all need support and I’m here to be real in it.

I’vAs a writer, speaker, advocate and friend, I am committed to living out authenticity and helping others do the same. I believe strongly in the importance of health from all aspects and specializes in creating safe spaces, coaching moms and connecting stories.

If I seem like your kind of gal, well maybe we can work together.

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Just want to chat or need something that’s not listed? Email me: chelsea@strivelesslivemore.com