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 Somewhere, postpartum got off track.

Power in Postpartum - Mother Warrior

We’ve been doing a disservice to women.
We’ve raised expectations and lowered supports.
We’ve created spaces for highlight reels and removed aspects of the village.

When we speak against unrealistic expectations, highlight reels, and journeying in isolation, we break barriers.

This space is for barrier breaking.

This space is for preparing for and processing postpartum and motherhood in a way that is safe, enjoyable, and serves as a reminder that even during the darkest middle-of-the-night feeding, we are never alone. This is where we choose to strive less and commit to live more.

Because you, momma friend, are already enough. You are already worthy. You are already the mom you were created to be and I refuse to let society tell you otherwise.

About Me:

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Chelsea Skaggs

Hey momma- I’m your friend who keeps it real. You know- the one who isn’t afraid to “go there.”

If I know you like I think I do, you’ve probably tried meet-ups and mom groups. You’ve probably talked to your siblings or cousins and yet sometimes you still say “Why did no one tell me?!” You google religiously and you come up with answers that confuse you.

You don’t need all the answers or “how-tos.” You just need someone to say that the chaos is normal and this motherhood things can be confusing and overwhelming. You need someone to mix laughter in with the real, raw stories. You need to feel safe when you feel vulnerable. You need to feel seen and heard without being fixed. You need community in postpartum and motherhood and you need it to be honest.

I’m your girl.

I’ve been on both sides of this spectrum: I’ve done the “look how together I am as a perfect mother” illusion and I’ve done (and am currently living in) the: Honestly, this motherhood thing is messy. Postpartum is hard. We all need support and I’m here to be real in it. Spoiler alert: The second approach is much more life-giving and freeing.

I’ve heard the stories of hundreds of women who have different postpartum and motherhood experiences but the message remains the same: We LONG to know we aren’t alone and we want to let down our guards more often. This is the space to do that. I’m your girl through the highs, the lows and the what-the-hells. Also, as a fair warning, I like a little bad mom language and you’ll find proof of that here.

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She found when she mothered her own way she mothered her best way.
-January Harshe


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Chelsea’s writing has been featured on numerous platforms and her voice continues to encourage new moms everywhere. She is a contributing writer and is available for guest posts on your site or sponsored posts on this site as well as speaking engagements. Chelsea is firm in sticking to the message of normalizing and supporting postpartum and speaking up on topics that can be overlooked.

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Chelsea loves brands who love new moms. If your brand is aligned with the mission of normalizing and supporting postpartum, Chelsea can add to your reach through influence marketing or helping to create a relational marketing strategy for your business. Chelsea has 5+ years of experience in the social media business realm and can help your voice stay authentic while connecting with moms who would benefit from your product or service.

Are you a pregnant or postpartum mom? Chances are, there are things no one told you. Listen momma, I’m here to change that.

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